Services - Inspection

Septic System Inspection

Green Valley Environmental Group's
professional inspection program includes:

  1. Locate the septic tank
  2. Remove the covers
  3. Inspection of the inlet, outlet baffle and partition wall
  4. Inspection of the sewage operating level
  5. Dig test holes in the septic bed area to:
    (a) determine below grade sewage effluent level
    (b) inspect the condition of the trenches
  6. Provide a written inspection report onsite

The test hole excavation is done by hand. Heavy machinery that could damage the lawn is not involved. After the inspection, the test holes are back filled, the sod is carefully put back and tamped into place.

Operation of septic tank – septic bed system:

A septic tank/bed system has two essential components: the septic tank and the septic bed. The septic tank retains solids and floatable materials. The solids sink to the bottom of the tank and the scum rises to the surface of the liquid. The sewage effluent is then conveyed to the septic bed where air dependent bacteria will break down and solidify dissolved organic substances.

Real estate inspections:

  1. Professional inspections for home buyers
  2. Inspections for renovation permits
  3. Locating and as-built drawings of existing septic systems

Typical septic system failures:

  1. Clogged tile bed
  2. Sewage backup
  3. System leakage
  4. Basic septic system failure

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