Services - Maintenance & Servicing

Septic System Maintenance:

Sludge that accumulates at the bottom of the tank must be pumped out about every 2-3 years. How frequently depends on the Size of the tank, the number of residents and the number of litres/day discharged to the septic tank. There are no additives you can put in the tank to deal with sludge. It must be pumped out.

Servicing of complete system

  • Primary Tank
  • Treatment Unit
  • Pump Chamber
  • Filter Vault (if applicable)
  • Test Alarm Systems
  • Test wiring
  • Written recommendations or repairs if required
  • Service Record left on site

Types of Septic Systems Serviced:

  • NPS
  • Aquarobic
  • Roto Discs
  • Sandfilters
  • Any Type of Aeration System

In most cases, additives are only a quick fix. Regular maintenance and servicing is the only way to keep your septic system functioning properly for years to come. Link to GVE Group's Noreweco press release