Services - Pumping

Out of sight, out of mind?

Because septic systems are buried and out of sight, they are often easily forgotten in the process of day-to-day living. However, our actions or inactions can affect and influence how long, and how well your septic system continues to function.

Why should I have my septic system pumped?

Pumping out your septic system will:

  1. Remove accumulated solids
  2. Help prevent the tile bed from becoming clogged
  3. Help prevent sewage backups
  4. Help prevent failure of the septic system
Septic system diagram

When a septic system is not pumped out for a prolonged period of time, the probability that expensive or irreparable damage occuring increases dramatically.

Septic systems - Easily forgotten in the process of day-to-day living. Is it time for a pump?